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School rules and regulation



    “Discipline and Virtue” are the hallmark of every Loyolite. We expect that the students entrusted to our care, conduct themselves to the satisfaction of all concerned, and leave the school as God-Fearing young people. Students at all times should show respect and deference to the school authorities and to the members of the staff. The students’ behaviour ought to be courteous and polite at all times and in all places, both inside and outside the school campus.



    2.  Students should reach school on time. Boys/girls who are late will be admitted to the class only with the permission of the Principal . 

  2.  3. Students must be clean and appear in full school uniform. Students without proper uniform will not be allowed into the class room.

    4. If for any valid reason a student doesn't have full uniform, a remark to this effect should be entered in the page assigned for Parent's Remarks in the Diary.

    5. Parental Co-operation -
    Parents/Guardians are not allowed to enter the class rooms. They can meet the teachers only after obtaining permission from the Principal


    6. Pupils must attend the School regularly and punctually. Late-comers will normally be sent back home.



    7. Pupils must complete their home work regularly.



     8. No book, periodical or newspaper of any objectionable nature shall be brought to School.


     9. No programme or party is to be arranged in the School without prior permission of the authorities.





    10. Pupils are not permitted to wear gold jewellery and to carry with them any expensive objects to School.


    11. Pupils are not allowed to attend School when sick and/or suffering from an infectious disease. Any pupil found appearing for a class work/test with an infectious disease will have his/her class work/test cancelled.